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  • All personal 070 numbers are not sex chatline numbers, mobile numbers nor premium rate numbers, they are for our members own personal use from this chatroom.
  • Any personal number (PN2) beginning with 07000 to 07099 are charged at 42.555p per minute + VAT from a BT landline. Calls from other networks and from mobiles may be considerably higher.
  • Always remember if other services do not tell you the cost of calling their numbers, it may cost you more than you think.
  • UKChatShack does not accept withheld numbers, but you can get through by putting 1470 in front of the number you are dialling.
  • UKChatShack requests all users to view the Terms of Service and the Safety Tips Page.
  • It is with understanding should a caller use the UKChatShack numbers, it is assumed that the caller has read and accepts the Terms of Service  (click to view).
  • UKChatShack should not to be mistaken as a dating or escort service. There are numerous other dating websites which cater for those needs which require a subscription or other forms of payment.
  • UKChatShack offers folks to enjoy fun chat and to make friends with members who have left their personal 070 number here.

We also wish to make clear

  • The proprietors of UKChatShack are not held responsible for any arrangements by the members. Should you make any arrangements it it wise to make courtesy calls prior to a meeting, to save any embarrassment or costs.  Please view the safety tips page here.


  • UKChatShack cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of views or information provided by users of this website nor for any arrangements between callers and UKChatShack members..  All views and information expressed in users communications and profiles represent the opinions of the users concerned and do not represent the views of UKChatShack. All persons stated above have voluntary left their personal numbers to be contacted on for their own private use.  Please note that when ever you visit any website, your IP address is normally recorded. Only the Chatroom is free, but in order to access it you must register first. We have a system for our administrators and moderators which allows them to check IP addresses of everyone who enters the chat rooms.  We do this to protect UKChatShack from porn spammers and potentially dangerous people. IP addresses are used to ban users who spam and cause problems.


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If you are having trouble getting through to our numbers, your network may be blocked by your provider. Give them a call and ask them to unblock your ability to call 070 numbers. They mistakenly believe they are premium numbers which they are not. You will then be able to get through. Thanks.