Age 32
Personal number 07036599027
Location England
Willing to talk to men

Hello. I’m Nicki, I’m a 32 year old office administer from Ealing in West London. I’m 5ft 6 tall with red hair and blue eyes. I’m a size 12-14, with so much energy I’m difficult to keep still. I love going to fun fairs, watching comedies and buying make up from South Korea. I like to eat healthily, preferring to have salad over sweets but I have a passion - all you can eat Chinese food and salt and vinegar crisps, although not both together because that’s just weird. At the moment I’m learning Greek with Rosetta Stone so I can order a mean cup of coffee if I go there, not sure I’d be able to buy us food though. Perhaps I ought to work on that a bit more.

I’m interested in chatting with guys in management because I’m quite a bossy little madam and I don’t get the chance during the day to have my way. Perhaps you want to be bossed about a bit by a feisty red haired lady who takes a mean dictation. I’m single (mainly because guys are frightened to approach me as I give off that feisty vibe, when in reality I’m a little pussy cat) and quite easy to approach.

Up for a chat? Then give me a call in your spare time, your lunch time, evenings or weekends.