Age 38
Personal number 07036599012
Location England
Willing to talk to men

I'm Jackie from South Wales. I've been told I can chat the hind legs off a donkey so I'm perfect to keep you entertained. I have blonde hair and the brightest of green eyes. I'm separated from my partner as he worked away too much so I never got to see him anyway so I'm now single and on the lookout for the next to be Mr Jackie. Don't let that scare you away too much though as I don't mind courting for ages. The last one didn't ask me to marry him for 10 years so I don't mind waiting.

I like 60s music (can't stand this modern stuff) and being taken out for meals (don't worry I won't eat too much your bank manager complains) and also cooking for guests. I make a mean chicken dinner. Anyway, that's me, let's hear from you. Jackie x